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YSL Saharienne

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YSL Saharienne

YSL Saharienne 75ml. EDT - Provocative expressive perfume is designed to focus on the bright appearance and natural femininity. Fruit and citrus bouquet gives sound exotic. A modern fragrance will be a great everyday option. Also great is disclosed an informal weekend. It is recommended to apply the composition in the spring and summer. The continent that for centuries lured travelers with its mysterious and unique, its dangers and riches, its contrast of deserts and oases. As Africa wins hearts adventurous and feminine fragrance Saharienne by Yves Saint Laurent fascinates the stronger sex. After all, it is harmoniously merged those features for which people love "black" continent and his daughters. A bold and juicy flavor often choose women who love variety and thrills. They are characterized by passion, mystery, unique charm and originality. These representatives of the fair sex are not ashamed of their desires. They are predators by nature: sexual and dangerous. Eau de Toilette Saharienne by Yves Saint Laurent in the first minutes surrounds its possessor fresh and bright notes of lemon, mandarin and bergamot. After a time they complete the delicate chords of white flowers, black currant leaves, orange blossom and galbanum. Courage and sharpness of flavor added spicy notes of ginger and pink pepper from Madagascar. date flavors: citrus, fern Top note: bergamot, lemon and tangerine Note the "heart": white flowers, black currant leaves, orange blossom and galbanum final note: ginger and pink pepper Madagascar. Saharienne YSL perfume is named after famous female jacket "safari" - practical, convenient and yet very sexy, which was first introduced at the show in September, Laurent spring-summer "Africa" ​​collection in 1968. Equip jacket was on a German aristocrat, actress and one of the most famous models of the mid-twentieth - century - Veruschke von Lehndorff.

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