YSL L'Homme Sport

YSL L'Homme Sport

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YSL L'Homme Sport

YSL L'Homme Sport 100ml. EDT which will make you unstoppable man. An individual who is overflowing with great elegance and eager for sensual trail full of explosive energy. Now that you indulge in spicy and fresh tones that refresh your olfactory senses and all around. Eau de Toilette for Men Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Sport gives you a sparkle in the eye. Citrus fruits have constantly encouraging you subdues the motion. On the contrary, through amber and bergamot get positive optimism and zest for life. It all emblazoned relentless sensuality. Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Sport is an eau de toilette for men consist of a transparent body and a large hexagonal cap. Open your entry into the world of natural essences that you have to reach. Enjoy the joy and confidence that comes immediately after the frame the issue in a dust haze of fragrance. A unique masculine fragrance L'Homme Sport by Yves Saint Laurent, released in 2014, symbolizes the beginning of a new era, among the scents of famous brand Yves Saint Laurent. Introduced toilet water created exclusively for the stronger sex, who are looking for adventure and love. New song - bright and bold as the modern view of the classic tradition. The explosion of rampant freshness found in an elegant bottle and can conquer you from the first minute. The initial chord reveals light notes of bergamot, aldehydes and verbena. And then, the flavor becomes more sensitive and resistant, filled with woody and coriander. Completes Symphony beautiful calm accent amber and white cedar. Unique, bold and perfect combination can not leave anyone indifferent. Discover a world of freshness and elegance with the enchanting fragrance L'Homme Sport by Yves Saint Laurent.

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