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YSL L'Homme Libre

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YSL L'Homme Libre

YSL L'Homme Libre - 100ml. - The new part of the popular series of men L'Homme from the French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent was launched in September 2011. Modern elegant cologne L'Homme Libre - the flavor of the "free man", more energetic and invigorating, designed for casual daytime use, a variation of the classic formulas of L'Homme (2006). The authors of a well-balanced fresh woody-spicy harmony - the famous perfumers Olivier Polge and Carlos Benaim. Basic chord, consisting of grass-aromatic notes of basil, soft shades of star anise, violet leaf and bergamot playful, gives an attractive silhouette L'Homme Libre first-class style. A nice mixture of spices Madagascar pink pepper and nutmeg, located in the "heart" of the composition slowly becomes a noble wood-based pyramid of notes of patchouli and vetiver. Aroma, which allows loud, but not aggressive to express themselves. Limited Edition cologne L'Homme Libre Cologne Tonic by perfumers Yves Saint Laurent last summer has caused a stir among fans of fragrances. This summer, the popularity of L'Homme Libre Cologne Tonic is only growing. After all, to get the flavor of the limited edition more complicated every day. But it's worth it to him to hunt! Fresh and light, bold and free - this cologne envelops its owner an aura of manly and sexual adventurer. A fragrance that is characterized as a water fern and discloses sensitive aquatic notes and scents of lemon verbena and pink pepper. Following on the scene aromas of violet, aldehydes and basil. Spectacular point put amber, musk, leather, vetiver. Rare cologne L'Homme Libre Cologne Tonic, without a doubt, will describe its owner as an original and creative person. The scent of freedom and wind. Bright, fresh and versatile L'Homme created for daring adventurers of modern romantics and adventurers. The basis of the composition - harmony and contrast of fresh and spicy notes: basil and nutmeg, violet leaves and patchouli, vetiver and pink pepper. Note the skin fills the warmth and aroma of truly masculine sensuality.

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