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YSL L'Homme

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YSL L'Homme

YSL L'Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette was created for an attractive man with a unique style, built on charisma, initiative and sensuality. L`Homme - a perfect balance between modern and primitive force values, courage and finesse. L`Homme - it is a wonderful combination of industrial and luxury. Fresh woody composition is based on the game of contrasts and leaves a magnetic, sensual trail. The fragrance begins with fresh sparkling notes of bergamot. The "heart" reveals elegant and modern character of the floral and spicy nuances and woody-amber "base" gives the flavor of the deep masculine force. The intense, charismatic fresh Chinese ginger in contrast with the power of the "heart" of the basilica and the rich and sexy "base" of the cedar wood. the fragrance of a real man. Men are severe, courageous. Men elegant, charismatic, sensual, able to seduce and conquer any aspiring height. Men are seeking to save your own unique style. He - a real man. He is always ready for the trials and tribulations. He is always ready to substitute his shoulder to someone who needs it. But at the same time, it has, and sensuality. Spectacular woody composition is framed by light touches of fruit and spicy scents. Notes of wood aromas give the composition an unusual and unique appeal and elegance. The initial composition is made up of a bouquet of aromas of citron, ginger, ozone. It is fresh and even, somewhat aggressive. The heart of the composition, skillfully interwoven notes of violet leaf and basil, grant the holder the aroma refined pleasure. Ends fragrance composition quiet and unobtrusive melody loop consisting of pepper and amber notes, manifested as a symbol of sensuality in the background of the main melody of masculinity and severity. It is designed primarily young men. "YSL returned to the men's fragrance market. We want to restore the former level of the dynamics in this sphere," - said Jean-Denis Voin, representative of Yves Saint Laurent Parfums. Death-defying blend of floral, spicy and woody notes is fascinating and gives its owner a special charm which makes it a subject of adoration for many women.

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