YSL Kouros Summer 2006

YSL Kouros Summer 2006

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YSL Kouros Summer 2006

YSL Kouros Summer 2006 - 100ml. - Launched in the summer of 2006 this vibrant fragrance mixes the stimulating flavors of rosemary, Artemisia cedar, musk and jasmine with a synthetic cooling ingredient called Blue Mint that has a cooling effect on the wearer. This watery and minty fragrance is a huge relief to tired senses in the weary hot summers. Freshness diving in the Mediterranean Sea. Top note: cold cedar, bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, cyclamen, cedar. It is a refreshing, attractive, charming and lovable male perfume. This fragrance is a limited edition, and opens with notes of artemisia, mint and bergamot. At the heart of the sparkling, seductive and alluring perfume rosemary and jasmine, while the base consists of a mixture of perfume notes of musk, cedar and ambergris. A bracing, almost frosty opening of artemisia, mint and bergamot for a fragrance with an aromatic heart of rosemary, lightly tinted with jasmine. The virile, woody drydown reveals a cedar wood and ambergris accord.

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