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YSL Elle

YSL Elle 90ml. Eau De Parfum is fragrance that will conquer the heart immediately! Modern fragrance is for women but also childish who loves games and enjoys every moment of life. With high goals in search of true love woman wearing Yves Saint Laurent Elle is one that delights the senses with seductive games of others. incipient is a mix of juicy lemons, exotic lychee and peony dainty. Base notes consist of a warm amber dancing on stage cedar imposing a starry night sky, vetiver and patchouli. created for the young and independent residents of the metropolis . It is always spotless, infinitely feminine and sexy. Woman Elle embodies impeccable style. Woody-floral fragrance Elle by Yves Saint Laurent is intended to express emotions and feelings ultramodern woman living in the bustling pace of the city. Elle Perfume is unique and unexpected. It is revealed by the initial notes of peony, lychee and lemon peel. An exquisite combination of roses and freesia, pink pepper supplemented forms the "heart" of the fragrance. Spicy and sexy loop creating patchouli, vetiver and ambrette. Unforgettable perfume from Saint Laurent, charming and attractive YSL Elle perfume. If the young lady smart, sexy and sensual, these spirits for her. This fragrance for women from the big city. They know and appreciate fashion, trying to be glamorous, and these spirits to help them in this. In the composition of these spirits hear captivating chord essences of patchouli, which is complemented by Bourbon vetiver. Then you can hear the woody notes, they are strong, and the skin becomes warm from them. captivating fragrance drenched citrus shades. Notes of peony give spirits sweetness and delicacy. Acuteness of toilet water is allowed pink berries and freesia, which form at the confluence of the amazing effect. Eau de Toilette Spray Yves Saint Laurent Elle help women not restrain his feelings.

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