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YSL Body Kouros

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YSL Body Kouros

YSL Body Kouros 100ml. Eau De Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent contains causing a surge of components that belong to the group of Eastern spicy. Sensual fragrance composition is built on a magnetic influence on others spicy smell of wood-based. Perfume with his first music seems very familiar, but after a few moments, revealed a rather unusual. It consists of warm cedar and eucalyptus green. These components are slowly soften the first impression of the fragrance. Then you hear the sound of the chord velvety poppy and benzoin, which are expressed in the "heart" of the perfume. At the end of his tunes Body Kouros leaves long lasting trail of sandalwood and musk overflow. Toilet water meets all the requirements of modernity. It will be a wonderful complement the image of a gentleman, which is characterized by vigor, elegance and self-confidence. This fragrance is best used in the hot months, as in this period it is better to be disclosed. Date fragrance: oriental woody Top notes: green eucalyptus, cedar note "Hearts": poppy, camphor, benzoin Final note: musk, sandalwood. Body Kouros - causing flavor! It's just the embodiment of sexappeal! At first, it seems not very obvious, but attractive, and then opens by fermenting and exciting. If you prefer a sweet, warm, calm, wood, it is truly a masterpiece! The indisputable advantages - originality and durability! This is an evening fragrance, hot and passionate, creates comfort. But there is the stronger sex, who can not resist the temptation - and a little added this perfume to his working clothes, do not you want to be in the office, and the embodiment of strength and sexuality. Body Kouros embodies the flavor contrasts. Sharp in the initial note, gradually becoming softer, leaving a pleasant sweet trail. The complex composition of eucalyptus and cedar connects to spice nutmeg. The aroma of camphor wood and gentle Javanese incense gives warmth and tranquility.

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