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Viktor & Rolf BonBon

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Viktor & Rolf BonBon

Viktor & Rolf BonBon 90ml. Eau De Parfum - Viktor and Rolf launch a new fragrance for women called Bonbon in the spring of 2014. Named after a popular type of candy, this new fragrance is created for women who appreciate the pleasure and self-indulgence, moments of relaxation and enjoyment. The new fragrance is enclosed in a bright pink bottle, in the shape of candy wrapped in a wrapper. Its composition is signed by Cecile Matton and Serge Majoullier. It opens with notes of mandarin, orange and peach. At the heart of the main chord caramel surrounded by scents of orange blossom and jasmine. The base is created of cedar, guaiac wood, sandalwood and amber. Duet Dutch designers known to the whole world their original clothes. Also it deserves special attention and perfumery brand. Original memorable compositions loved by many around the world. That's fragrance with a playful name Bonbon was no exception. Perfume imprisoned in a bottle in the shape of a beautiful bow. It is the mood of the fragrance. Bonbon Created for women who are not shy to show their light merry nature lovers of sweets. Perfumers were inspired by famous candies of the same name. With such spirits - all of life as a holiday. Feel the lightness of being, their breath. At the beginning of ringing flavor, sour, tangerine and orange combined with sweet peach. At the heart rules the ball caramel, accompanied by orange blossom and jasmine. Cedar, Hawaiian wood, sandalwood and amber envelop possessor into a sweet trail that just beckons for a anyone who hears scent. Bonbon decorate your dressing table and guaranteed to lift your spirits.

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