Victoria's Secret Forbidden

Victoria's Secret Forbidden

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Victoria's Secret Forbidden

Victoria's Secret Forbidden 100ml. Eau De Parfum - New from the famous Mall of the house, which was published in 2014. Exotic, seductive aroma warms and expands the boundaries of sex. The smell is enclosed in a luxurious gradient colored purple-pink with leopard print bottle. Perfume Victoria's Secret Forbidden opens with notes: exotic pear, amber wood and blackberry night. Victoria’s secret intentionally formulated forbidden for women who desire a bold, exotic fragrance that celebrates their feminine wiles. This 2014 women’s fragrance is best worn for out-on-the-town nights with your best gal pals or special someone. Expect. I was attracted by the name - Forbidden - ban, forbidden and beautiful bottle in the shape of a pyramid with a beautiful cover. I am looking for new sexy fragrance, maddening, fascinating - and I found!

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