Victoria's Secret Bombshell In Bloom

Victoria's Secret Bombshell In Bloom

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Victoria's Secret Bombshell In Bloom

Victoria's Secret Bombshell In Bloom 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a beautiful and sexy feminine floral fragrance. The shape of the bottle has inherited from its predecessors in the series, but this time the elegant bottle has a bright pink shade with vertical stripes more saturated color, and its neck is decorated with luxurious pink flower. The fragrance is a harmonious blend of aromatic flavor sparkling pink freesia and delicate, crystal-clear water lily fragrance. Floral notes are complemented by a pleasant fruity aroma of ripe juicy red apple. Fruit chords are just a complement of bright and colorful floral notes that make the flavor more voluminous. Perfume released Valentine's day and addressed tender girl in love. Bombshell In Bloom is a new edition of a collection Bombshells, "capricious and promising composition", as the brand advertises. "Bombshell in Bloom - a more recent version of the original edition, filled with bright floral notes that make you sexy today, tomorrow and always." The fragrance offers a unique combination of pink freesia, red apple and water lily. The emphasis is on floral notes, while the fruit shades designed to add richness. Bombshells in Bloom placed in a striped pink bottle of the same shape as the previous editions line Bombshells. The neck of the bottle is decorated with a bright pink flower. The new fragrance is a limited edition, inspired by Valentine's Day. Fragrance Bombshells Bloom available in volumes of 50 ml and 100 as an Eau de Parfum. Victoria's Secret Bombshells in Bloom released in 2014.

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