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Versace Versus

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Versace Versus

Versace Versus 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a floral-fruity fragrance full of energy. Expresses strong contrast romantic and rough femininity. Connects worlds between rebellion and calm, romance and ambition. Intense perfume Versus is for seductive and confident woman living on the edge. Intense and energetic opening chord of citrus intertwines with freshly torn rare apple and kumquat. Radiant beauty female floral heart of orange blossom creates a dynamic and crystal jasmine along with lovely roses. Base reveals the essence of mysterious and appealing scent. Provocative veiled patchouli musk is mixed with the heady amber. This profoundly feminine perfume by Versace can wear them all day. This mysterious modern fragrance Versace Versus is for the woman who dares to love. All taken separately flavors of the famous brand Versace - perfume standard of the highest quality. Is no exception to the rule and eau de toilette Versace Versus, which is an external view of the bottle and the composition is capable of challenging the gray mass of people living in a big city. It is designed for persons who are not afraid to stand out and are accustomed to the steadfast male attention. Toilet water composition is filled by a combination of floral and fruity chords. The main note in Versace Versus is interweaving smell of green apple, kumquat and lemon. This unusual combination of perfume adds flavor and sweetness recognizable. Then you can hear the lilt of rose and orange blossom, patchouli, amber, musk, nutmeg. This eau de toilette opens beautifully in the hot season, and during cold weather. It is able to lift your mood, give a fresh feeling. In addition, Versace Versus harmonizes with any clothing style and is suitable for women of all ages.

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