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Versace Versense

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Versace Versense

Versace Versense 100ml. Eau De Toilette is open to all women who crave a sense of freshness and also want to be sensual and attractive. Light, while the heady perfume essences make Versense true celebration fragile and sensual femininity. Warm tones of sandalwood and cedar showcases a combination of green mandarin and exotic prickly pear. Unconventional olive tree together with bergamot are just the icing on the cake of this extremely tasteful and distinctive perfume. Be like Versace fragrance Versense. Sensual and at the same time fresh and intoxicating! Dazzle your senses and engage the unique personality that brings out the perfume Versace, icons of luxury clothing and perfumes. Let yourself go with the flow pulsating life and lose yourself in the scent of Versace Versense! On a hot summer day without a good toilet water, which is able to complement the image of women, simply can not do. This is known to designers and high-end Versace at home who created the wonderful refreshing fragrance Versace Versense. Bouquet composition today is considered a true masterpiece, which can not be fully enjoyed. Unlike similar perfumes, Versense not sound impersonal. As part of the fragrance has bergamot, but because of the unusual combination of components it is practically not recognizable. Fruity notes of fresh citrus well diluted. The toilet water is also audible modulations jasmine, musk and cedar are its lightness and elegance able to conquer men. Versace Versense - a delightful perfume that is suitable for a sensual nature. Toilet water can be combined as a business suit and a dress. With its help it is easy to complement any image, as well as lift your mood and mentally travel back to the paradise tropical island.

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