Versace Vanitas EDT

Versace Vanitas EDT

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Versace Vanitas EDT

Versace Vanitas EDT 100ml. - The fragrance for a bright, sexy and confident Heartbreakers - eau de toilette Versace Vanitas Eau de Toilette. It combines the best flavor notes Vanitas and found new meaning in 2012 thanks to the efforts of Dora Baghriche-Arnaud. Updated perfume was even more seductive and attractive because its halo every woman to feel irresistible. The basis of a floral woody musk composition, formed the most feminine and delicate floral tones. Shades of seductive rose, osmanthus languid, colorful freesia flowers and exotic tiare woven into a single cocktail, which is women's skin turns into a trouble-free "love potion." Tea and cedar notes do sound deep and mysterious perfume, so he does not get tired, even during everyday use. About Vanitas de Toilet - this is definitely a summer fragrance that despite its admirable resistance does not sound luscious, and bright and memorable. Once he felt this perfume on your skin, a man will go crazy trying to uncover the secret of your appeal. Top notes of Eau de Toilette Versace Vanitas Eau de Toilette - a bright and feminine duo gentle notes of freesia and luxurious shade of rose petals. The "heart" of the composition continues seductive sound that takes on new shades with powdery tone osmanthus and exotic tiare fragrance. In the final floral woody musk fragrance sounds-tart notes of tea, complete with discreet shimmering shade noble cedar. lightweight summer version of the high-end fragrance Hot Couture Versace Vanitas. The composition of the perfume is sustained in the style of his predecessor's chic, it also is harmonious and refined, but a little more airy and delicate. Notes of juicy lime melodic solos reveal a bright perfume symphony, a mysterious osmanthus, freesia and trembling flowers tiara gently pulsate in the heart of the fragrance. The basic chords of black tea, warm musk and woody notes of cedar accents give perfume noble sensuality and elegance.

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