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Versace Pour Homme

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Versace Pour Homme

Versace Pour Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette is very personal and spontaneous fragrance for charismatic man. Classic, yet contemporary flavor is inspired by areas around the Mediterranean Sea. Scent thus embodies contemporary confident and enterprising man, who also could easily live in harmony with nature. Versace perfume opens at the beginning of the warm, exotic notes of bergamot and neroli. Pulsating Calabrian lemon, along with the leaves and flowers of the bitter orange tree scent reminiscent of Mediterranean fruits. Flower heart Versace Pour Homme fragrance combines green sage together with rich aromatic flowers hyacinth and geranium. Fragrance ingeniously tunes manly base where hiding mysterious woody notes, cedar, ambergris, tonka beans and musk. Versace Pour Homme perfume is unmistakable scent for attractive man who knows what he wants. Noble and elegant fragrance Versace pour Homme was founded in 2008 and is a symbol of the memory of the father of Donatella Versace. Simple, without unnecessary frills, he became a symbol of the Mediterranean. Perfume can be ideal for men held with a power character, as well as for those people who know how to appreciate life in all its colors and quirks. Man with Versace pour Homme is always honest and straightforward, in a difficult moment he is sure to substitute your shoulder and teach all he knows himself. By nature men are incorrigible romantics, they are able to appreciate in a woman is not only beauty, but also her dedication, intelligence, kindness. Sensuality, confidence in their decisions and confidence - this is Versace pour Homme. Men endowed with such qualities can not be overlooked. Their advantages attract women at all times. The aroma is endowed with an orange tree notes that Donatella was so fond of his father. In addition to the notes of neroli, bergamot perfume opens, lemon peel. They are followed by notes of geranium, mineral amber and musk. Bottle, which is framed by this original composition, simple yet stylish. As well as in flavor, there is no bright accents and unnecessary frills.

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