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Versace Eros

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Versace Eros

Versace Eros 100ml. Eau De Toilette is specially designed for the heroic and passionate man, like the Greek god Eros. This fragrance perfectly reflects the strength and sensuality. Perfume symbolizes love, desire and passion. Eros Versace fragrance is for strong and confident man who knows what he wants. Eros Versace fragrance around you instantly create extraordinary aura and leaves a very sensual feeling. Perfume conceals the key to true love anthem performed by the god Eros. Fragrance perfectly interprets virility through carefully selected essences that together create an unmistakable aroma. The very beginning of the fragrance opens with refreshing mint leaves, which are complemented by sweet notes of juicy apples and lemon. At the heart of the fragrance is a unique ambroxane, germanium captivating and playful tonka bean. The basis scents permeate the pure essence of moss, warm cedar, vetiver and vanilla exciting. Fragrance Versace Eros expresses initial desire between a man and a woman. Literally embodies the idea of ​​a triumphant seduction. The dominant color is turquoise bottle in a distinctive and very manly shade. This color is a clear reference to the Mediterranean Sea and the local lifestyle, while also points to the Greco-Roman art and culture in a modern form. Eros expresses strength spectacular jellyfish in the middle of the bottle. Versace perfume Eros is particularly suitable for wearing in summer months, when you refresh the aroma perfectly.

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