Versace Blue Jeans

Versace Blue Jeans

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Versace Blue Jeans

Versace Blue Jeans For Men EDT 100 ml. represents freedom and liberty of the modern man, self-confidence which nothing can shake. This fragrance permeated elegance and glamor that are inherent in clothing from the famous Italian designer, who even jeans could turn into a work of art. The originality of the perfume Versace Blue Jeans highlights unusual design of its bottle reminiscent of a bottle of soda. Citrus-fern smoke flavor surprise even the first notes of bright sunshine citron, sparkling bergamot and fresh lime, which are designed to encourage a man to conquer new heights. The central passages radiate vitality perfume patchouli, vetiver mystery and passion of freesia, they emphasize the sensuality of the stronger sex, and his ability to be given full feeling. It is tempting and restrained finishing sound fragrance notes linking the eastern playfulness sandalwood with the nobility of cedar and oak moss velvet. Versace Blue Jeans is an oriental woody fragrance for men. Italian Riviera, setting sun, breeze, calm waters of the sea and you. No other fragrance Versace unable to evoke such vivid imaginations and memories of an exceptional summer vacation. Fresh citrus essence will delight in the base. After a while, they dissolve and give the space a simple shades of violet, jasmine and lavender. At the end you will feel rare woods, musk and vetiver, which lasts soothe your body and mind throughout the day and night. Perfume Versus Blue Jeans saw the light in 1994, and its popularity continues to grow. Versace perfumes are known, as well as other products of this famous brand for its high standards, quality and luxury. Get your dream of an extraordinary holiday too! Get your special perfume Versace Versus Blue Jeans.

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