Versace The Dreamer

Versace The Dreamer

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Versace The Dreamer

Versace The Dreamer 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a charming fragrance for men, as daydreaming. Revel in the countries of their own imagination. Recover your strength and energy of perfume Dreamer. Intoxicating tobacco flowers in connection with a typical juniper and sweet smell of vanilla. It is a mystical and mysterious cocktail own dreams and imagination. Significant notes of iris and flax perfume essences give a touch of harmony of body and mind and transports you to a world of beauty and perfection. Versace brand is regarded in the world of fragrance for a true gem. Italian quality and luxury, this perfume Versace. Meet the most secret dreams and fantasies. Get the intoxicating scent of night dreaming. Fall in love with perfume Versace Dreamer and all your dreams will come true! Versace The Dreamer become a classic among the many men's fragrances. This fragrance has become a real gem of men who do not wear jewelry and gold, they differ undefeated and powerful character, used to be successful in everything. That is why the Versace Dreamer like an accessory is able to accompany invisible plume of such a man. He underlines all that gave man nature. The owner of this fragrance is able to perform extraordinary deeds, while being a very pleasant and charming personality. All the men who know the taste of life, willing to feel the new experiences and emotions simply have to try for yourself aura that transmits Versace Dreamer. By a man with the scent will not be able to pass a single woman, as it emphasizes all the attractive and bright side of the owner. Perfume belongs to the fern oriental fragrance, perfectly reflects man's nature at any time of the year.

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