Vera Wang Truly Pink

Vera Wang Truly Pink

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Vera Wang Truly Pink

Vera Wang Truly Pink 100ml. EDP - emitting energy and sexy fragrance for women luxury. His lights accentuate the natural beauty of the ladies and help her self-expression, and allow each girl to become the center of attention in any society. Fragrance proposed perfume goes well with both comfortable everyday clothes and with elegant evening gowns. A delightful melody Vera Wang Truly Pink amazing variety of flower colors, perfectly highlighting the charm of the ladies. This perfume opens with gentle shimmering colors lychees and mysterious cassia, which in unison sounds thin white freesia. Next to the fore sensual notes of rose and peony passionate forming the "heart" of this unique fragrance. His final chords sound gentle and reserved: in the final notes intertwined delicate iris, violet scented cream and noble wood. Haze proposed flavor capable dizzy any man, so I chose this perfume lady will always have an absolute success with the stronger sex. Date flavor: floral Top notes: white freesia, cassia, flower lychee note "Hearts": pink rose, peony Final note: iris, violet, cream timber. Fragrant gift from Vera Wang to all women - Romantic and incredibly feminine fragrance Truly Pink! Release Truly Pink is timed to the fifth anniversary of the release of the first fragrance Vera Wang. The well-known fan of beautiful dresses and fragrant floral perfume Vera Wang presented tart feminine fragrance with light notes of sexuality dedicated to roses. Bright and modern, with a sparkling, juicy citrus fruits and the basis of a spring wedding bouquet for the bride shy, young, cheerful, innocent and pure. It was created in 2007 for the tender of the fair sex. Multifaceted sound floral bouquet strikes a few chords on the disclosure of skin and hair. Romantic flavor turn the head of a hot summer day. Autumn often brings back the fragrance elegance and subtlety of freshly cut bouquet of roses. The composition has the property to win the hearts at first sight.

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