Vera Wang Sheer Veil

Vera Wang Sheer Veil

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Vera Wang Sheer Veil

Vera Wang Sheer Veil 100ml. Eau De Parfum - The aroma of freshness and sensuality is fully consistent with the traditions of perfumery fashion brand Vera Wang. He captivates and fascinates for its exquisite, subtle floral notes that envelop the aura of femininity and elegance. Perfume incorporates the charm of blooming roses, fascination lilies, violets delicacy and charm of gardenia. To instill faith in miracles fragrance Vera Wang Sheer Veil is the perfect complement of the image of dreamy and romantic girls. This perfume radiates sunshine and lightness, and its amazing shine like frees from the shackles of everyday life and allows you to plunge into the magic flower overflows. Subtle flavor passages skilfully emphasize the beauty of a woman and allow her to perfect your look. Dreamy melody Vera Wang Sheer Veil opens lavender tenderness and passion gardenia calling to plunge into the maelstrom of love. Then the sound of this fragrance is filled with velvety notes of rose, violet and charming passages sparks of champagne. If central chords perfume symbolizes a celebration of life, the final play of the odor filled the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, saturating the air of sensuality and mystery lily white stephanotis. A variety of shades of flavor allows it to be perfectly appropriate in a variety of situations: this perfume can decorate like a gentle look of casual and luxurious way to an evening out. The aroma is a class of fragrances for women. Group aromas floral aromas. Composition Sheer Veil - this endless fascination floral aroma. Bouquet included the freshness and fragrance of lavender and lilies grace, tenderness and passionate fragrance of violets rose. The aroma reveals initial notes of white lily and gardenia. Heart note includes aromas of violets and lavender roses. The base note consists of stable plume of violets and lavender. The scent is suitable for daytime, suitable for young girls.

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