Vera Wang Rock Princess

Vera Wang Rock Princess

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Vera Wang Rock Princess

Vera Wang Rock Princess 100ml. Eau De Toilette by Vera Wang created for young girls, whose style is radically different from the classic. Due to the trends of modern music the owner of this fragrance is not just created a perfect image, she lives them being the inimitable personality that impresses shocking, eccentricity and originality. Most people are drawn to her because of her friendliness, sociability and wealth of the inner world. Such people are distinguished creative nature, mystery and a good imagination. Perfume Vera Wang Rock Princess gives inspiration and inspirational. Eau de toilette rock princess was established in 2009. During this short period of time she fell in love with the young for the fairer sex unimaginable combination of rock and soul refinement of female nature. One vial align the various components. The base notes of the fragrance includes musk, iris, coconut and cashmere wood. Notes heart began to rose, lily, jasmine and heliotrope. Top notes like the last finishing touch, to complete the picture and the overall composition. They were peach, raspberry and bergamot. Just because of such a combination, this perfume, and brought the family fruit, floral scents. Modern girl forced to be strong and courageous, it must be able to defend themselves and have the courage to express themselves. It is these features rich accents and a little daring perfume Vera Wang Rock Princess. His active sound instills confidence and inspires to live life as fully as possible. The original concept of the perfume was reflected in the design of its bottle in which the romance heart shape combined with the intriguing metallic highlights. Aroma Vera Wang Rock Princess incredibly relevant and expressive. His melodies have inspired the first play of juicy peach and raspberry sweet chords, supplemented sparkling bergamot. Soft Note the "heart", which sounds gentle lily, jasmine and delicate velvet rose to hit an amazing mix of floral passages with mysterious spicy accents. Flex win its depth of flavor: sweet coconut is complemented by captivating musk, iris and fragility intertwined with a mysterious chord Kashmir wood.

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