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Vera Wang Princess

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Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess 100ml. Eau De Toilette was developed by renowned perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain and released popular brand Vera Wang in 2006 year. These spirits are daily and included in the group of flower-fruit aromas. Juicy, joyful, colorful smell of perfume, rich aroma of fruit and spices, is able to turn the head and remembered for a long time .. Used as Day, Romance. Perfumer: Jean Paul Guerlain. The designer bottle: Jacques Helleu. Families: Floral | Fruit Notes: apple, lily, dried tangerine peel, peel apricots, guava, wild tuberose, water lily, flower tiara, Dark Chocolate, Icing, amber, musk and vanilla. My opinion: It's just a fabulous aroma of sweetness which is impossible to break away. Very warm, velvety, sweet but not cloying. It is ideal for warm weather and for the image of the girl-dreamer. With this fragrance I feel like a princess from a fairy tale. The new fragrance by Princess Vera Wang - a magic elixir for a modern princess. The composition of fragrance played by all the rules of a girl's fragrance - its sweetness of sugar is composed of fruit notes and vanilla, its lovely foundation - woven of musk and amber. Princess - pink fruit cocktail sweetened with vanilla and covered with ice glazing. Ostentatious femininity and fun-loving manner of Princess create a charming image of its owner. Ultimately, the age does not matter, at any age want to feel like a princess. Magic fragrance Vera Wang Princess is like a love elixir created for the conquest of men's hearts. This amazing scent perfectly conveys lightness and romantic character of the young girl, as its melody is woven of sensual floral notes and a charming fruit overflows. The sweetness of the proposed perfume will make a bright and happy every day of your life, will tune in to a positive and be optimistic in all situations. Melody Vera Wang Princess starts with juicy notes of apple and energetic overflows tangerine, apricot and gentle chords of fine passages lilies. Intriguing haze of dark chocolate combined with languid guava and tuberose form a fascinating note "heart" of this magnificent symphony. Base perfume surprise combination of precious wood notes and velvet overflow musk, vanilla sweetness and softness of amber. Delightful aroma of the proposed lights every girl will make a real princess worthy of admiration and worship.

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