Vera Wang Bouquet

Vera Wang Bouquet

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Vera Wang Bouquet

Vera Wang Bouquet 100ml. Eau De Parfum is very feminine and sensual fragrance that was launched in 2008. The perfect connection of female grace and sheer purity of nature will completely disarm. Bouquet perfume is based on linking subtle tones of beautiful flowers and luscious wood. The result is a composition that will suit mature and self-confident woman who loves surrounding nature and freshness. Try the great news from famous designer Vera Wang, who are advised to wear warm spring or summer. It is designed for daily wear and can use it for all the moments of your life. Sparkling greenish liquid is stored in a glass bottle minimal style with massive metal lid. Design Bouquet perfume evokes the splendor of purity, delicacy and simple elegance. With the first notes of the scent of Vera Wang at you tolerate particles Sicilian bergamot fresh and tender leaves of black currant. Impressive combination for the moment wears off and open a floral heart. In it you can admire the charm of spring daffodil and distinct aroma of honeysuckle. A seductive finishing touch is the combination of iris root and lavender, which adds a touch of powdery perfume bouguet. Chord Moroccan cedar and sensual musk your skin will play at least a few hours after application. Even as a child you dreamed of a fairytale wedding with your prince. He dressed in white comes in a beautiful horse and asks you to become the only woman in his heart until the end of time. You are in a stunning gown that everyone involved is breathtaking. Tiny white flowers intoxicating smell in your hair and you never want to wake up from a dream about your perfect wedding. Slowly awakening and still perceive intoxicating scent that you accompanied by your imagination. Such is Vera Wang. American fabulously beautiful designer wedding dresses. To those in recent years, it also creates an extremely charming fragrances that are designed not only for the bride. One of these is perfume Bouquet. Sensual and very feminine composition is composed of tones and chords lovely flowers and a sultry wood. Vera Wang created this look stylish fragrance for women who want to keep for themselves speak their soft and natural aura of femininity. To your surroundings act as tender and delicate fairy, dress up a floral bouquet and stay their!

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