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Valentino UOMO

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Valentino UOMO

Valentino UOMO 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a classic fragrance for stylish men with aristocratic manners. The attractive composition consists of a leather notes. A delicious combination of chords allowed to wear perfume at the official meeting at any time. Also, it would be appropriate at the ceremony. Elegant perfume magically revealed in the spring, autumn and winter. NEW appeared in 2014. The main focus of the composition is a woody base. Aroma meets shades myrtle and bergamot. At the heart of the fragrance notes sound shades freshly roasted coffee and chocolate notes of hazelnut cream. Rounding out the sound composition with hints of cedar chords expensive leather. It sounds great! After reading this description, I have just heard it a wonderful aroma! And it should be noted that I am not mistaken! Beloved they genuinely liked! He actively uses them, and more often than the rest of the flavors. This classic fragrance is endowed with the philosophy of discreet elegance, it is ideal for those who are not used on every corner talk about the luxury fragrance fills the space around them subtle notes of fragrance like penetrates the smell of men, enriching it with noble and elegant train, talking about style sexual sensuality of the owner. This fragrance draws in my mind the image of a stylish man, stands out for its elegant, understated luxury perfume will attract men who choose classic style in clothing and interior. This fragrance subtly reveals the simplicity and elegance of classical music, he is incredibly warm, sincere, noble and sensual. Aromatic compositions Valentino Uomo draws in my subconscious image of an elegant Italian chic with a bouquet of flowers on a background of a sunset at the seaside. Yes, that is how I feel this fragrance. In the summer we often go with her husband on cycling in the woods, and when he comes off a little forward, I feel gorgeous plume of wood flavor, as if my husband goes ahead with a huge bunch of flowers. So, this ode to the luxurious, stylish and seductive aroma of Italian compositions sung I now summarize. The essence of my conclusions is that to describe the flavor of words is simply not possible, you can only try to share their impressions of the composition. Valentino Uomo appreciate a man endowed with a natural sense of style, preferring a low-key, not flashy luxury, as well as the composition tend to hide it it does not suit those who like stronger flavors.

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