Valentino Rock'n Dream

Valentino Rock'n Dream

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Valentino Rock'n Dream

Valentino Rock'n Dream 90ml. Eau De Parfum is a gentle and airy fragrance for young girls. Modern fragrance Rock n Dreams acts as a seductive magic elixir that opens the mysterious veil of the fantastic world of the most daring and sensual dreams. Perfume Ilias Ermenidis authored soft and airy East wood composition Rock n Dreams, basic harmony note which is constructed on myrrhone. Myrrhone - this is extracted from the delicate iris and myrrh resin molecule, the development of the company Firmenich. It surrounds a fascinating prelude fruit of ripe peach and cinnamon. Woody and sweet vanilla chord create a pleasant plume enveloping the young dreamer in an aura of love and passion. Fragrance Valentino Rock n Dreams introduced the well-known model from the refined beauty of Norway Siri Tollerod. Together with models Erin Heatherton and Marloes Horst, she starred in a sensual and provocative advertising videos. Two heroines of the story dressed in stylish white dress made of cloth with carved flowers, which symbolize a new flavor (identical to figure used in the design of the package), while the last girl also aggressively wants to "try on" frivolous outfit Rock'n Dreams by Valentino. The models look very similar to the main character Siri Tollerod, and their behavior seem to embody the contradictory nature of the perfume. TV commercial director - British fashion photographer and filmmaker Glen Luchford. Music in the video - the composition Valentino Loves You by Sophie Carpentier.

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