Tonino Lamborghini Intenso

Tonino Lamborghini Intenso

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Tonino Lamborghini Intenso

Tonino Lamborghini Intenso 100ml. Eau De Toilette will make you irresistible hero of the night. Strong and confident man who enjoy their aromatic and woody tones. Refined fragrance compositions, which will evoke the pleasant memories and highlights of your masculinity. Enjoy endless freshness with toilet water Tonino Lamborghini Intenso, which is intense and mysterious. Use timelessness of individual elements to increase their inner strength. It is necessary bergamot, resins, black roses and cedar wood, which lends you a very sensual and sexy face. Black vial of eau de toilette for men Tonino Lamborghini Intenso has style. It worked out to the last detail and hidden inside the mysterious magic that can reveal. Be charismatic and irresistible man who knows what the beautiful woman occupies. Intenso shows fragrance full of passion and mysterious power, which is hidden mystical power of the night. Is the personification of the mysterious charismatic hero who is rushing darkness and nothing can stop him. His intense force, however, is wrapped in a refined style. Fragrance opens shining bergamot, which freshness underscore notes of apple and green leaves sprinkled with dew. Manly, aromatic and memories inducing heart of black rose and cedar imparts timeless scent sexy manly face. Attractive mixture of resin and Tonka beans, together with seeds Ambrette, completes the impression of the whole intense odor. The packaging bears the same lines as other packaging fragrances Tonino Lamborghini. Highly sophisticated black smoky glass bottle reflects masculinity and inner strength. The front page boasts a brand logo - a picture of a bull intending to fight on which the logo Tonino Lamborghini Intenso marked variations. The smell is hidden in a stylish metal cans whose color is black this time. The front is dominated by cans Tonino Lamborghini logo and emblem of a bull.

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