Tonino Lamborghini Azione

Tonino Lamborghini Azione

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Tonino Lamborghini Azione

Tonino Lamborghini Azione 100ml. Eau De Toilette - This fragrance is a call to action. It remains only a few seconds before we hear the command "started!" "(This is how the Italian exclamation Azione !, which became the name for toilet water, is translated.) It is addressed to fearless representatives of the stronger sex who do not think their life without excitement, adrenaline, and even prestigious stylish things." I wonder how the craftsmen translated the appeal Azione! In the language of perfumery, the composition opens with a rattling mixture of petitgrain, bitter wormwood and spicy cardamom, followed by cypress notes, supported by chords of blueberry, and finally, we reach the bottom of Tonino Lamborghini Azione perfume, Where we are expecting patchouli, virgin cedar and amber, the composition is fusher-aromatic, one of the components of this aroma, petitgrain, is unknown to many people.It is of citrus origin (extracted from leaves and branches of an orange tree, and in the past it was obtained from tiny green oranges ) In the meantime, the smell of petitgrain, in addition to citrus sound, also has floral shades and wood halftones. "The possibility to buy perfume Tonino Lamborghini Azione has existed since 2011. Azione bottle is made in the same spirit as its predecessors: on the black bottle flaunts a corporate shield, on which there is only a wild bull-the identification sign of Lamborghini. Such men are always strong spirit of adventure and romance, they can not imagine their life without the adrenaline and excitement. Azione design of the new men's fragrance bottle remained unchanged inherent in the entire line of men's fragrances Tonino Lamborghini. Shapes and logo as a distinctive sign remained unchanged, changed colors - now added to it elements of a bright green color. The creators of the new odor for men have become the true woman - Beatrice Piquet and Anne Flipo, the real masters of their craft.

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