Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Ten

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Ten

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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Ten

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Ten 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Woody-floral scent spray Tommy Hilfiger Tommy 10 are rolled over your body and form a fragrant haze that gives the image of a powerful energy. Free and unbending man from Tommy Hilfiger do not hesitate to circumstances, even if they are not in favor of it, effortlessly overcoming obstacles and barriers, it moves to stardom and eventually conquer it. Famous brand Tommy Hilfiger is celebrating the tenth anniversary of scents Tommy Girl Tommy and the issue of new flavors - Tommy Girl 10 Tommy 10. and Women's perfume is positioned, as easy, fresh, floral and fruity mix. Retaining the brightest notes of the original. the creators have added new product special ingredients. which were collected in different states: grapefruit from the shores of Indian River. magnolia from Mississippi. Honeysuckle from California. waterlily from Virginia. and birch from Rocky Mountain. Complement all this splendor delicious notes of cranberry. pears Marion. toffee and cream in Vermont.

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