Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a fragrance sexy, upbeat, fruity-floral, especially for women confident, modern and romantic. Early notes of the fragrance Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl are played by agreements refreshing blackcurrant, tangerine, apple and mint and heart charming floral fragrance hiding notes: sensual agreements honeysuckle, magnolia, violet, jasmine, roses and lilies. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl perfume base is composed of seductive scents of sandalwood and cedar wood. This luxurious fragrance is especially suited for hot summer days and evenings. Become an elegant and seductive with a fresh fragrance Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl! Perfume for energetic girls Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl - it's an endless sea of joy and fun that will fill your aura and make your every day unique. Thanks to the active passages this rich smell around the world sparkle with new colors, and life will be brighter and more interesting. Variety components connected to Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl, this allows the perfume to be versatile and perfectly suited to any image and situation. Bright chords flavor will help to find the strength to be productive, soft floral notes will set a romantic mood before a date and noble wood inspire play to scale new heights. In the composition of the proposed odor passages sound juicy black currant and mandarin, grapefruit and bright mint crisp, tender and passionate camellia rose. Found a place in his melodies and sensual notes of violet, sandalwood and soft lilt, and subtle accents of jasmine, emphasizing your femininity.

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