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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy

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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Stylish men's fragrance Tommy Hilfiger Tommy represents the diversity of the American nature, in which there are deep forests, and endless prairies, mountains and skyrocketing. This fragrance incorporates the freedom and independence of the modern person, who tends to independently manage their own destiny and do not admit defeat. In tune Tommy Hilfiger Tommy play a key role wood chords, supplemented by a variety of accents. With a bright shine blue mint and bergamot fragrance of this perfume begins. The top notes can be heard as the haze of lavender and invigorating grapefruit flavoring easy exoticism. Central overflow fragrance delight juicy accords of green apple and tender passages rose and deep cranberry notes that refresh and give new strength. Breathing felt the American South in the final shimmering perfume in which the notes are connected with laconic cactus flower accents cotton and velvet amber. Date aroma: wood Top notes: blue peppermint, Bulgarian lavender, grapefruit and bergamot note "Hearts": cranberry, rose and green apple Final note: amber, cactus and cotton flower. It is a fresh scent with woody tones, for men who prefer simple and direct style. Tommy fragrance free American Spirit Man is given by the natural ingredients in all regions' Region promises. Transform yourself in an elegant and seductive person, rejuvenates your body and mind with famous perfume brand Tommy Hilfiger. The essence of apples in New England, fewer blueberries will lead thinking in the first moments, the apple pie fresh from the oven. Then come the tones of yellow roses of Texas and Kentucky grass. Finally, you can enjoy a gentle breeze of wood. It is the smell of passion and freedom.

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