Tommy Hilfiger TH Bold

Tommy Hilfiger TH Bold

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Tommy Hilfiger TH Bold

Tommy Hilfiger TH Bold 100ml. EDT unleashes a storm of emotions with his strong charisma. Fresh and sporty fragrance reveals a passionate and bold nature of players who will settle for nothing less than victory. Eau de Toilette opens TH Bold striking pomelo citrus notes, bergamot, mandarin and pink grapefruit. Exposes its aromatic nitro lavender and cardamom and mixes with the chords of jasmine, Boronia and mandarin-orange flavor. Manly leaves a trail of sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and orange blossom. Eau de Toilette Tommy Hilfiger awakens in men passion and enthusiasm for the sport and shows their strength and indomitable will. Enjoy to the fullest every day and keep on hand fresh woody fragrance whose excellence is reflected in the design of the bottle with a dark blue color. The fragrance was launched in 2015, and her face became world tennis player Rafael Nadal. Eau de toilette TH Bold from the famous American brand Tommy Hilfiger created for modern men who lead an active lifestyle and choose only the best! Initial citrus perfume notes sound clearly and emphatically: fresh bergamot, tart note bloody grapefruit, juicy pomelo and tangerine sunlight. At the heart of the fragrance reveals notes of fragrant harrows, sensual jasmine, spicy cardamom, fragrant lavender and delicate flowers tangerine. The final chord of toilet water - is a cheerful orange color, noble and elegant white cedar vetiver. TH Bold by Tommy Hilfiger - a fragrance for the real winners who go through life with your head held high!

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