Tommy Hilfiger Freedom

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom

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Tommy Hilfiger Freedom

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a luxury men's fragrance, which is specially designed for all lovers of fresh and aromatic fragrances. It symbolizes a modern dynamic men who have their own sophisticated style. The very beginning of the fragrance Tommy Hilfiger Freedom is composed of delicate tones of fresh basil, playful refreshing notes of violets and captivating sage. Distinctive aroma of juniper is perfectly intertwines with tiny green leaves. The heart is unique coriander, orange blossom magic antithetical white pepper, salt and warm oriental ginger. The basis penetrate the essence of wood, exotic sandalwood and vetiver exclusive. This masculine toilet water brand Tommy Hilfiger can wear them all day. It is an excellent choice for sunny summer days. Fragrance Tommy Hilfiger Freedom is specially designed for all men who love freedom and enjoy your life to the fullest. Enjoy every day as your little adventure with unbridled excellent aromas of Freedom. Radiating freedom and independence perfume Tommy Hilfiger Freedom is made for the real winners who always see before them only the purpose and do not pay attention to the obstacles. Its saturated glow embodies the spirit of tireless adventurer, who is aware that the nature and strength of will tempered in the storms and gales. Due to the active sound Tommy Hilfiger Freedom, courage and reliability of the men noticed all around the ladies. Conquer the hearts of beautiful women helps harmonious flavor composition which opens cheerful notes of basil and violet, relaxed glow enveloping clary sage and juniper. In the central shimmering aroma intertwined passages orange color symbolizing the ability to man to enjoy every moment of life, white pepper and coriander, which introduces a nice spice to the tune of perfume. In addition to the original note "heart" become salt and ginger accents that make a smooth transition to the final chord of the smell, which has incorporated the freshness of vetiver, sandalwood and soft soaked wood.

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