Thierry Mugler Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent

Thierry Mugler Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent

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Thierry Mugler Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent

Thierry Mugler Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent 50ml. Eau De Toilette is a very nice news for women who appeared on the market in 2011. It belongs to the oriental fragrances dominate in the cool water tones and sensual vanilla appears at the end. Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent is another extremely successful version of the legendary perfume Angel Thierry Mugler. This smell is especially suitable for warm days, and the use in all situations of daily life. The famous star-shaped bottle is made of clear glass and is filled with blue liquid. The smell of Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent will look great on you, and on your shelf with cosmetics. Looking tones perfect for summer days, and will not satisfy you uninspired, fragile fragrance? Select Thierry Mugler! Speaking of the highest quality with a friendly price, which pleased many a person. Simple, but very favorable combination of natural elements, resulting in a perfume Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent. They open refreshing kumquat tones, sparkling citrus character which you will add the necessary strength and courage to overcome daily obstacles. Then, in the heart of the fragrance you find your next dose refresh, which will guarantee you an energetic note of pure water with a moderate amount of floral accords, which will make it very feminine and extremely attractive. Perfect ending to a combination of intense patchouli and vanilla wonderful. Even a few hours after application you will feel on their skin blissful scent of refreshing cocktail of youth. Thierry Mugler perfumes are famous because of their unique fragrances for men and women, is not missing or sweet floral tones, or the fresh flavor of youth. Versatile designer can satisfy the various needs of consumers and thus became one of the most respected producers in the world. The smell of Angel, which belongs to his first crop, he joined the group of famous perfume winning FIFI. Thierry Mugler is going in the right direction. Surely soon we will see many other scents that will be among the eternal fame, among the most beautiful perfume of all time. Huge potential is also a novelty in 2011, which is called the Angel Sunessence Ocean d'Argent. It contains a nice cool tones of fruit and flowers, and dreamy all blissful aroma of vanilla. These perfumes appeal to women who love the freshness and freedom, but do not want to give up luxury and quality proven brands.

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