Thierry Mugler Angel 100ml.

Thierry Mugler Angel 100ml.

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Thierry Mugler Angel 100ml.

Thierry Mugler Angel 100ml. Eau De Parfum - French fashion designer created in 1992, the iconic scent Angel, which means ,, Angel. "Thierry Mugler Angel Parfum is for women who are looking for something exclusive and unusual. Perfume can offer to owners to their fullest dreamlike beauty of the Orient. Delicious golden raspberries topped with a touch of honey, go into the fragile tones of jasmine and refreshing bergamot. After that combines sweet vanilla sensual chocolate, add amber caramel and everything is spiced up a bit exotic patchouli. In every detail thought out composition consists of timeless harmony of aromas and sensations. Design of the bottle reminiscent of a starry night sky sparkling for warm summer evenings. Thierry Mugler Angel is an angel star that brightens any woman. Enjoy the feeling of satiety to infinity. Angel by Thierry Mugler fragrance was released in 1992. Since then already a new generation of admirers, which gives it priority over other, more new perfume. There is nothing surprising in this, because a true classic always in trend. However, working on his angelic fragrance master moved away from the classical scheme, fully replacing it smells delightful floral notes of oriental spices, fruits and sweets. It smells like a dream of an adult woman in the hearts of childlike, naive romanticism and the ability to genuinely surprised. The initial note intoxicating aroma represented exquisite cocktail of subtle accents of fresh mandarin, bergamot noble and juicy fruit. Heart note enchants favorite scents of the holidays: sweet plum, alluring caramel, chocolate forbidden. In this pure childhood melody harmoniously weaves a deep and sensual passion, gives the image of a young dreamer intriguing touch of temptation. Long final chord formed alluring play of sandalwood and patchouli, sounding in the background radiant vanilla.

The product may come in a different package than shown in the photo! This product contains a dye CI 42090, which is color unstable. Individual products and can vary in color.

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