Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic

Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic

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Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic

Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic 60ml. Eau De Toilette - this oriental spicy and refreshing fruity bouquet for women. Fragrance Terri Myugler Alien Aqua Chic sunny and sensual. The top notes of citrus Alien Aqua Chic dominate juicy grapefruit and lemon flower. Heart notes of orange blossom. Base notes are amber, wood. Created fragrance Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic perfumer Dominique Ropion in 2013. Fragrant tale 2012 with Eastern floral motifs created by well-known, and I can even say, the legendary master perfumer Aurelien Guichard and Dominique Ropion. This is the true embodiment of beauty and grace. Free spirits Alien Aqua Chic Thierry Mugler - scent created especially for the young and sophisticated women who follow the fashion trends. Spicy and simultaneously refreshing aromatic notes composition with water ideal for morning dew bright saturated day and pleasant, quiet evening. This perfume is modern, chic and elegant women who prefer fresh water, and fragrances. Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic began to be issued in 2012. This is actually a brilliant flavor replica Alien from Thierry Mugler , who became the flagship of the brand perfume. This unique women's perfume composition meets its owner enticing top notes of spicy and slightly tart ginger and thin candy-transparent verbena, which gradually softened tenderness flower fragrance petals trembling and charming freesia in the "heart" of a fragrant bouquet. Zephyr fragrance captivates and fascinates the incredible softness and mystery of warm wood tones and precious aristocratic amber.

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