Terre D'Hermes Pure Parfum

Terre D'Hermes Pure Parfum

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Terre D'Hermes Pure Parfum

Terre D'Hermes Pure Parfum 75ml. Eau De Parfum - Elegant and easy perfume Terre d'Hermes became a model of the noble men's fragrance that captivates the hearts of women and permanently stored. According to the creators, it is based on the harmony and balance of the natural notes of earth and air, and the secret of the flavor -. A unique combination of natural elements. Terre d'Hermes belongs to the family of "wood" and "spicy." The top notes of bright citrus sounds tandem orange and grapefruit. A smooth transition in the heart note, the fragrance reveals a warm scent of geranium and patchouli connection with the vetiver and bitter pepper. The flat cables can be heard sheet wood fragrance Atlas cedar. Terre d'hides the Hermes fresh wind wild steppes, forests moisture and flavors of distant travels. It is suitable for both daytime atmosphere and for a romantic evening. Excellent durability, unique composition and stylish design perfume certainly will appeal to the modern gentleman. Classification of aroma: wood spicy. Top notes: orange, grapefruit. Note the "heart": pepper, geranium, patchouli, benzyl, vetiver. Final note: Atlas cedar. Fragrance concept - merge with the elements of nature: for those who are firmly on the ground, but the thoughts in the clouds, for those who can not live without freedom, and air, for those who need space. Such men who wear hermes terre d'hermes able to see the black cat in a dark room. The main elements of flavor - everything that is connected with the earth, because in French Terre - earth: the forest, flowers, rocks.

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