Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her

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Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her 100ml. Eau De Toilette - The aroma of the Swiss Army Mountain Water For Her inspired by existing masculine fragrance of the same name and reflects the feminine harmony and romance of the mountains. This fresh, transparent fragrance will take your senses to the peak of the Swiss mountains, reviving your body spray the ice waterfall and enchanting your spirit aroma colorful alpine blooms. Mountain Water For Her life has special top notes; the freshness of bergamot and neroli gentle color. The combination of violet and tea mate create floral heart notes of calm. Base notes of flavor - sweet cedar, with notes of freshly cut grass. Turkish shade elegant bottle reminiscent of alpine lake, shimmering in the sun. Allow your thoughts to linger in the crystal clear freshness, rich sweet floral fragrance, in frank harmony with nature. Already existing uncompromising masculine scent inspired the eponymous female Swiss Army Mountain Water For Her, reflecting the truly feminine romance and harmony of the mountains. Surprisingly clear and fresh as the wind in the mountains, the scent of invisible take you to the peaks of the mountains of Switzerland, beautiful and inaccessible to ordinary mortals, like a true woman. It will enchant you with scents of flowering alpine meadows and cheer spray icy mountain waterfall. Inexpressible vitality top notes of this fragrance is made fresh bergamot and neroli flowers tenderness. Heart notes presented mate tea and violets, giving an unprecedented feeling of peace and tranquility. Cedar, complete with scents of freshly cut grass alpine creates a surprisingly harmonious and giving a sense of security framework composition. Hold for a moment, enjoying the ineffable mountain freshness of this fragrance composition, and it will captivate you forever its harmony and proximity to the eternal mystery of nature. Feature: charming, fresh and invigorating. Family: floral, fresh.

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