Swiss Army for Her

Swiss Army for Her

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Swiss Army for Her

Swiss Army for Her 100ml. EDT is a floral fragrance. He brings alpine scent that will accompany you throughout the day. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you feel, and elegance will enter your life. You will feel an immense pleasure with every move you do, every minute. Your mind will seek adventure feel huge desire to live. Essence juicy mandarin serve patella rights under the magnificent mountain of flowers, full of the fragrance of pure nature. Delight your senses with essences blue buttercup, mountain daffodil iPhone alpine. Base notes are close to the essences of ginger, fruit and mint alpine. Feel the essence of the day, directly from nature, and enjoy it as it should. Receive  breeze caressing the Alps and experience the miraculous feeling discreet and beauty. It was released in 2002, becoming a true delight for many women. Alps Nature inspires new fragrance! Refreshing mountain air of Switzerland and delicate bouquet alpine flora collected in a modern interpretation of floral scent. Swiss Army for Her - fresh, versatile fragrance for the modern woman: active, ready for the opening, and at the same time feminine and sensual. The first fragrance from the brand Wenger, world famous manufacturers Swiss Knife Swiss Army Knife, fragrance Swiss Army for Her continued success of men's fragrances Swiss Army Swiss Army for Her - fresh, and Swiss Army Altitude. perfumer Harry Fremont, fragrance Swiss Army for Her inspired spectacular views and pristine beauty of the Swiss Alps; and that is where the main ingredients are collected aroma. Swiss Army for Her pushes the boundaries of time and fashion, becoming a flavor that can be used at any time in the sports weekend with the family at a romantic meeting or business negotiations. The simplicity and elegance of the bottle Swiss Army for Her fragrance make this a perfect gift for yourself or for family and friends. Top notes of edelweiss, blue buttercup, mountain daffodil, lily and alpine berries isolated floral scent that shines, its sensual charm scale, raise your living tonus. Note "heart": this exotic blend of natural ginger root, fresh green mint and mandarin which perfectly unites in a warm floral bouquet. Base note: Swiss Army for Her combine white musk, moss and wood rosewood, which muffle veil woven of flavors of summer forest.

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