Signorina Eleganza

Signorina Eleganza

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Signorina Eleganza

Signorina Eleganza 100ml. Eau De Parfum is bright, seductive and extremely elegant fragrance released by the Florentine fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo in 2014. Elegant composition is an extension of the exclusive fragrance line Signorina, the first fragrance which appeared in 2012. The new perfume - more complex, heavy, rich and versatile than its predecessor, so perfect valid, successful and independent, and at the same time refined and sophisticated women who live life to the fullest, safely go ahead and confidently reach the most inaccessible peaks. The rich composition, created on the basis of velvet floral chypre reasons, embodies the most refined, elegant and alluring facets of contemporary woman. Its bold underline the initial energy of the solar notes of grapefruit and juicy pear. The heart of the fragrance enchants powdery accents mysterious osmanthus, which focuses on the mysterious sensuality and seductive mistress Signorina Eleganza. Her determination and unshakable confidence in his own beauty and elegance reveals a deep and attractive plume composition built around the rich notes of white leather and patchouli. Date fragrance: floral, chypre Top notes: grapefruit, pear Note the "heart": osmanthus, almond powder Final note: patchouli, white skin. It is a defining feature of the works of Salvatore Ferragamo. Graceful and refined, they fully reflect the impeccable taste of the famous Florentine brand. The culmination was the corporate elegance sensual chypre-floral fragrance Signorina Eleganza Salvatore Ferragamo. Fresh and juicy shades of ripe pears and greypruta confidently open composition. They are followed by more intense and seductive aromas of almond powder and golden osmanthus petals. Emphasize the luxurious range of elegant notes of patchouli and white skin, leaving a long sound.

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