Si Lolita Eau De Toilette

Si Lolita Eau De Toilette

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Si Lolita Eau De Toilette

Si Lolita Eau De Toilette 80ml. by Lolita Lempicka is for cheerful and energetic lady, a young girl who loves adventure, laughter and bright colors. The aroma of this fragrance is dominated by softness and lightness, backed by romance. Intro chord fragrance is like a warm summer breeze. He will slip through your body scents petit grain, pink pepper and cranberries, donating a pleasant acidity. Fragrant trio hawthorn, magnolia flowers and peas replaces the entry. Unforgettable and persistent forms a plume of smoke sweet iris, amber and musk noble accents. Perfume Si Lolita - this is ideal for everyday use. Its subtle fragrance perfectly complement your image in the daytime. Release Date : 2011 Country of origin: France Gender : Female Classification of flavor: floral Top note: Petitgrain, pink pepper, cranberry note "Hearts": hawthorn, sweet peas, magnolia Final note : amber, iris, musk. A unique fragrance designed exclusively for women from the group of flower. It's a new perfume, has already managed to win all their uniqueness, it was released in early 2011. Si Lolita Eau de Toilette Lolita Lempicka - a summer fragrance that perfectly complement the daily image of a young girl leading an active lifestyle, and tracking the latest fashion innovations. Top Notes: Petit Grain, pink pepper and cranberries Heart notes of hawthorn, sweet peas and Magnolia base notes are musk, iris and amber. Deliciously light pink pepper reveals the bitterness perfume composition, a smooth transition to the echoes of ripe juicy cranberries. Forest hawthorn and sweet peas are on guard heart music, making them sound a long time. Powdery iris languid guard base notes combines with spicy musk and sweet amber.

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