Sean John Empress

Sean John Empress

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Sean John Empress

Sean John Empress 100ml. Eau De Parfum is female equivalent. Imperial scent that will make you ready queen and ruler of the universe. Fresh flower intoxication, whose penetrating and intense tones you can actually get. Just as everyone in your company. Sean John Empress is a powerful expression of warmth and sweet spicy ingredients that are more than excellent. Indulge cranberry, raspberry, peony and cardamom. Rely on unique perfume composition that has a soul and can satisfy the needs of demanding your olfactory senses. A considerable elegance can also talk in processing imaginative flacon which operates a warm impression. Parfume for Women Sean John Empress is simply citrus presentations joy, commitment and pleasure. The enthusiasm of the life that you live every day. The aroma is dominated by crispy floral notes. Its beginning combines the exotic aroma of carambola, mandarin, cranberry and pie with lime. Among the heart notes are raspberry, peonies, passion fruit, cardamom and ambrette (this is a synthetic analogue of ambergris). Gourmet notes of vanilla and crystallized caramel in the base of aroma combine with a refined sandalwood and sensual musk. The fragrance is available in the concentration of perfume water, which has a greater saturation than the toilet water.

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