Scuderia Ferrari Scuderia Club

Scuderia Ferrari Scuderia Club

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Scuderia Ferrari Scuderia Club

Scuderia Ferrari Scuderia Club 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Men's philosophies and thirst for victory embodied in one bottle of eau de toilette Ferrari Scuderia Club from the Italian sports brand. In this flavor its founders instilled the indomitable character and temperament of the burning of the winner, who is not afraid of any obstacles in achieving the desired, whether achievements in work, sport or in their personal lives. Bright and powerful masculine scent the Ferrari Club the Scuderia - a new prototype of the men's fragrance brand, having a huge success from the Scuderia Ferrari perfume division the Ferrari, continues to develop the theme of the original adrenaline addiction, craving speed, eternal state of competition and the incredible excitement of winning. Philosophy strongly masculine, dynamic and straight flavor was developed in a new composition, which is described by perfumers as a fragrance for a born winner. A strong and sharp from the first notes Ferrari Scuderia Club composition offers a bouquet of fresh notes of citrus, mint cold, sharp and spicy ginger and basil leaves with hints of cinnamon burning. Aromatic polyphony "heart" toilet water plays a fern aromatic notes of lavender, freesia and captivating tart geranium, which softened tart black tea and intoxicating nutmeg. Wood Ferrari Scuderia Club fragrance base leaves a fresh and lightly smoky trail of notes of vetiver, cedar wood and noble oriental motifs oud wood, sweetened incredibly fragrant beans Tonka. A new, incredibly impressive masculine fragrance is ideal for both day and evening use. Ferrari Scuderia Club- always be the first! This perfume will be your real discovery in the world of high perfumery discovery in the world of modern and strong perfumes. This enthusiastic perfume like no other, celebrate your individuality, and this style of modern man. Ferrari Scuderia Club, in every note, will give you his energy, and cheerful style. In the afternoon, or evening, the perfume, reveals all its secrets perfume. Release Date:  2013 Manufacturer: the Morris Parma, Made in Italy Gender:  Male Family of aromas:  fern, woody Top notes: lemon, cardamom, ginger, mint, cinnamon, basil Heart note: lavender, freesia, pepper, geranium, black tea, nutmeg nut  Final note: cedar, vetiver, tonka bean, white beats, guaiac wood are used as the : day, evening, sports.

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