Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red

Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red

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Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red

Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red 125ml. Eau De Toilette - Hot, passionate, and arousing rampant - it's all about the new men's fragrance Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red. He sounds bright and rich. The man with the aroma will never go unnoticed, he will always be in the center of female attention, and his passion for cars and speed will become his trademark. Top notes of this fragrance surprise with unexpected sound spicy gray pepper, wormwood, which is combined with a cocktail "Caipirinha "which smell drunk and dizzy, combining the play of fresh lime and hot Brazilian rum, and gives thanks to the cool ice. In the "heart" notes intoxicating sounds, cool, fresh clary sage, lavender and intriguing light electrum chord. In a loop unfold gummy, bitter-smoky cedar, tonka bean, which have an odor similar to a mix of warm vanilla, nuts, cozy, inviting cinnamon and sweet, chewy caramel. In addition, the final notes sounded nice skin tone, gives the whole flavor of naturalness and spontaneity. Date of release : 2012 Country- manufacturer : Italy Gender : Male Classification of flavor : wood, citrus initial note : Artemisia (wormwood), chord caipirinhas, gray pepper note " heart ": clary sage, lavender, electrum chord final note : chord skin , cedar, tonka bean. The man in the nature of which is noticeable danger and intrigue unrestrained passion has always attracted particular female attention. He beckons with its unpredictability, looseness and willingness to take risks. Do not think he knows no barriers, prejudices and limitations of such a man - his own master, and all in his hands. It was such a brave and slightly aggressive image creates a fragrance Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari Racing Red. Red vial maximum conveys his passion and love to the extreme. flavor part of the fern trees and citrus perfumes and has an intense multi-dimensional sound. Its main notes are the scents of gray pepper,  tarragon , sage, cedar, lavender, leather, tonka bean and Caipirinha.

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