Samba Sport Women

Samba Sport Women

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Samba Sport Women

Samba Sport Women 100ml. Eau De Toilette by Perfumers Workshop is a fragrance with a natural aroma to the outdoors, designed to awaken the senses. Possesses a blend of fresh citrus with touches with notes of tangerine, green apple, lotus flower, wild freesia, water hyacinth, white woods and apricot skin. Perfumers Workshop Samba Ice was launched in 2005, This fragrance contains violet, jasmine and osmathus.  Indulge your infinite charm, then embrace your uniqueness, for women with character and love of sports. His longevity  is durable and trail is moderate, so do not have to worry about smelling little or a lot. Donald and Gun Bauchner founded their Perfumer's Workshop in 1971 with the aim of opening a boutique Custom Perfumes. When the Tea Rose Perfume was introduced in 1977, became an instant success and today most of its products are distributed worldwide.

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