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Samba Pink

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Samba Pink

Samba Pink 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Bright, playful female harmony, inspired by the unforgettable atmosphere of the carnival. The composition opens tonic cocktail, which is mixed from crimson cranberry juice, sweet blackberry and pink apple. Voluptuous heart embodied a delicate duet silky and elegant water lily jasmine. Classic warm aftertaste presents shades of resinous cedar, powdery vanilla and tart patchouli. Superb collection of fragrances Samba, which debuted in 1987 under the patronage of the popular American brand Perfumers Workshop, supplemented by two paired tracks - Pink and Steel. Presentation of the new duo focused on the youth market, will be held at the annual international exhibition TFWA 2015. Publications appear in the pyramid-shaped bottles made of embossed glass, respectively, pink (Samba Pink). Perhaps we should start with the innovative design of the bottle. The shape of the bubble perfume pink samba workshop perfumers quite unusual - wavy and a bit like a small pyramid in the glamorous style. Jar is very conveniently fits in your hand, making it even more attractive. Pink Metallic - the emphasis that has been made in the design of the product represented by the glass. Perfumes, d packed a bottle with a colorful pyramid, designed primarily for young people. And the price for this product is quite affordable. The box of perfume colored print, made in Venetian style with the same pink metallic. It's time to get to know all the steps of the pyramid of fragrant editions. The melodic sound begins with a light and slightly sour notes of cranberry, trill which supports a chord of blackberry and pink apple. At the heart of the composition modulations heard saturated water lilies and delicate jasmine. Flex flavor represented by the following tones: sweet vanilla, patchouli and warm slender cedar.

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