Rihanna Riri

Rihanna Riri

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Rihanna Riri

Rihanna Riri 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Rihanna delights us not only new releases of their albums, but also the finest perfumes. In 2015, she released the sixth fragrance, named RiRi. Women perfume by American singer, inspired by gorgeous flowers and sweet fruits. In one bottle fit notes of black currant, mandarin, sweet rum and passion fruit, pink freesia, jasmine, orange and Honeysuckle. Aromas intertwined and gradually revealing create the perfect composition, charming all around pleasant aroma. Rihanna has decided to depart from the traditional sense and candid images that are used in advertising campaigns Rouge, Rouge Love and Nude, and appeared in a new unexpected way. Rihanna RiRi - new fragrance from pop diva RiRi from Barbados of Rihanna , who appeared in a pretty and innocent image of Barbie - doll. Pink lipstick, with wide eyes and doll lashes - a reflection of the essence of a new perfume that will remind you of childhood and how carefree time you spent during the naive games with puppets.

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