Rihanna Rebelle

Rihanna Rebelle

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Rihanna Rebelle

Rihanna Rebelle 100ml. Eau De Parfum is spicy, fruity-floral fragrance for women. Perfume, which is based on the juicy fruit tones, luscious chords, flower essences and beneficial cocoa and coffee is the same as the singer herself chocolate. Sinful, seductively beautiful and intoxicating addictive. Enjoy resonant composition with which you feel like a queen, especially in the colder days of the year. Rihanna created real master piece. Rebelle will use for times when you need to feel confident and sexy. In nighttime pleasures becomes the perfect accessory that attracts you to all the men in the area. At the first meeting with your chosen will clearly outnumbered and out he will not be able to take his eyes. Rihanna Rebelle is simply a scent that attracts all the attention. It is inserted into the elongated flacon, which is made of clear glass and decorated irritating red cap and gold motifs. The box, which protects against damage flacon, has an elegant shape and nothing does not interfere with the design of the bottle. On our site you will find this delightful unique at an incredibly low price, so do not hesitate! In a few days may already be sold out. Racier home consists of gently pungent ginger, which is drowning in the sweet juice of ripe strawberries and plums mysterious. Unusually elegant and seductive thanks to a combination of delicious cocoa breathtaking graceful orchids and heliotrope. Very sinful and also a pleasant base, which sounds your desire, consists of coffee heady, sensual amber, musk and sharp patchouli. Rebelle fragrance ranks among the medium endurance, that means it out of my skin will feel even many hours after application. Beautiful pop singer who comes from exotic Barbados, is nowadays considered to be the princess of modern pop music. It has been many hits and scented accessories for women. Perfume Rihanna are always seductive, stimulating the imagination and leave on the owner sensual touch of beauty and elegance. To taste how they feel about the moment the most popular singer Rihanna, put into one of her perfumes. You can choose from several pieces that will delight even very sophisticated woman. For example, try the scent Rebelle and become incredibly sexy rebel, and after that every man desires. Breathtaking fruity-floral composition, whose intensity and spicy tones will take your breath, it will look great. Dare to be irresistible and get a scent that you particularly worthwhile!

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