Rihanna Nude

Rihanna Nude

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Rihanna Nude

Rihanna Nude 100ml. Eau De Parfum named after the famous singer. It is an expression of her feminine elegance, effervescence and beauty. Pleasant sweet smell, which will win you over with its intensity and long-lasting experience. Encouragingly charm to which every man succumbs. Rihanna Nude promises a very pleasant, warm and warm experience. About one to take care of exotic ingredients from around the world, such as pear, guava, sandalwood or musk orchid. It all tinged right jasmine, with whom you feel confident and on top of things. Vial of scented water Rihanna Nude looks quite nakedly. Container without a jacket, which presents its nitro through conical shape. Experience the sweetness of life and include a warm and intoxicating essence, that Evoking feelings of desire, arousal and undying passion. Fragrance was launched in 2012. Captivating aroma Rihanna Nude from the famous singer Rihanna is a young, open natures, in the shower which passions run high and romantic mood . Perfume Pyramid offers a seductive interplay of ripe pears, exotic guava and juicy mandarin, enhancing support delicate fragrance of gardenia, orange blossom and exquisite stunning jasmine, moves into a luxurious trail, which turns a head elegant trio, woven from the vanilla orchid, musk and sandalwood thin sound. Delicate Rihanna Nude - fragrance for the young, romantically-minded women. Fruit and sweet composition refers to the style of nude and represents the scent of pure velvet female skin after an invigorating morning shower. Fragrant perfume opens fruity notes of sweet pear, tropical guava and juicy mandarin, opening chords luxury floral jasmine sambac, tart orange color and white gardenias.

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