Revlon Charlie Silver Cologne Spray

Revlon Charlie Silver Cologne Spray

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Revlon Charlie Silver Cologne Spray

Revlon Charlie Silver Cologne Spray 100ml. Eau De Toilette For Men by Revlon is a refreshing crisp scent that is suitable for all stylish women looking for something new. Charlie Silver Eau de Toilette you perfectly cool and you caress the skin. Scent literally embodies timeless elegance and sophistication, which gives every woman you only the best. Unusual aroma Revlon Charlie Silver will instantly captivates with its fruity mix, consisting of juicy chords sweet apricots and peaches deliciously exciting. Refreshing lime exotic essences are perfectly complemented by a playful lily of the valley. Freshly picked pear surrounded by heady magnolia blossoms seductive. This unique women's scent from Revlon brand can be used for any situation your day. The fragrance thanks to its refreshing aroma perfect for wearing in the summer months. Glamorous women's fragrance Revlon Charlie Silver in themselves perfectly and surprisingly combines simplicity with unique sophistication. Charlie Silver Eau de Toilette has been specially designed so that every woman enveloped in pure luxury femininity. Her pure and carefully selected essences will play their spectacular concert and you will be all day to feel great neat! Fragrance was launched in 1997.

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