Revlon Charlie Gold Cologne Spray

Revlon Charlie Gold Cologne Spray

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Revlon Charlie Gold Cologne Spray

Revlon Charlie Gold Cologne Spray 100ml. Eau De Toilette is an oriental floral fragrance for women launched in 1995. Intense and rich aroma of flowers, fruits and spices has made this perfume very popular and loved among women worldwide. Charlie Gold is a very pleasant composition, being particularly suited to chilly winter days. The essence of his warm, sweet-spicy suits every moment of your life. Charlie Gold perfume has a simple design consisting of a glass decorated with a golden cap. Inside it is a liquid, honey, whose intensity and durability will fill you with joy. Cans, which keeps the contents intact, evokes femininity, elegance and distinctive style. Charming oriental top notes data in spirit orange, apricot and sandalwood, you transpose your imagination to places unexplored until now. Seductive combination of plum, cinnamon and amber add a sensual oriental touch. Top notes are composed of violet petals, freesia, jasmine, juicy peaches and fine arrangements caramel. Base notes are made of composition of rose, clove and cedar wood dry that caresses your skin and enveloped in a delightful essence long after application. Origins cosmetics brand Revlon start long time ago, early last century. The company, which began by selling a single product, revolutionary nail polish has developed tremendously over time. Today, offering a full range of beauty products and perfumes delightful, at an affordable price. Try Revlon Charlie Gold, a perfume that is perhaps even more famous as the Revlon brand itself. Range of fragrances includes those whose composition is floral-oriental and Charlie Gold. Visit seducer Orient and let your senses pampered flowers, spices, fruits and delicious caramel base. Try this perfume that conquered millions of women around the world over the past 20 years.

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