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Ralph Lauren Safari

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Ralph Lauren Safari

Ralph Lauren Safari 125ml. Eau De Toilette comes in studio American fashion house Ralph Lauren. Company inspired elegance since the beginning of the British aristocracy, full of style and attention to detail, thus removing cosmetics market that ensure your perfect look, and fragrances that will delight you, and everyone else around you. The same consent is and Safari Men, released in 1992. This fragrance induce different states. But the remaining eloquent and daring adventure. Let yourself be implemented in daily routine, a trip in nature, where you will always find something new, surprising and a fairy tale atmosphere. The combination of flavors, you have the impression that the trip is happening in reality, not just in your imagination. Safari is appreciated especially by those looking for a strong masculine essence, thus suitable adult men who are sure of themselves and the place they occupy in society, but who are not afraid of new challenges. Safari Men perfume composition opens with gentle notes of spicy herbs such as basil, rosemary and tarragon, plus lavender floral essence. Gradually moving toward deeper tones represented oriental cedar and clove. Conclusion fragrance consists of uplifting essence made up of sandalwood, vetiver and tobacco. Overall, primordial instincts wake leather notes. It is a perfect fit especially in the cold winter days, or within an important social event in which man must have a remarkable character. Elegant tone of the perfume is given, definitely charming appearance of the bottle and facilities, such a bottle of whiskey, which certainly is part of the basic equipment of any English gentleman, he decided to explore Safari, Africa, showing such spirit adventurous. Same chance you can get and you perfume from Safari! - it's the smell, which is built of sparkling citrus notes, which blends perfectly with the wood tones and luxurious Caribbean spices. Perfume surprisingly sensual and delicate, reminiscent of exotic countries and romantic African safari. Initial notes give a fresh orange, jasmine and black currant. This composition gives way to warm rose scent that fills the heart of perfume. Completed bouquet sensuality wood tones of sandalwood, vetiver and cedar in the loop Safari Men from Ralph Lauren. Refinement of design is complemented by an interesting picture of the bottle, smell the aroma created noble.

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